Name Additional Notes Social Media
Mufti Zia Gustakh e Rasool (S.A.W) Aor Gustakh e khuda Blasphemy Video Blasphemous video on Youtube. Needs to be removed immediately Youtube
Fidayan KHTAM NABUWWAT Promotes violent agitation in the name of ‘ghairat’ Twitter
Kafir shia kafir Inactive account Twitter
ASWJ Activist Anti-Shia, anti-Iran posts in the timeline Twitter
جمهورية باكستان الإس
Inactive, person has put up the Government of Pakistan’s monogram as profile picture (avi). Twitter
ISIS Pakistan @IsisPakistan Mainly inactive. Retweets of accounts that tweet against the present political party with power in the centre. Follows handles of celebrities and anchorpersons. Twitter
Naeem78 Inactive but the ID and name inappropriate Twitter
shia kafir Somewhat inactive but the name is inappropriate Twitter
Kafir shia kafir Inactive but the name and ID inappropriate Twitter
Shia Kafir Inactive but the name and ID inappropriate Twitter
Allahu Akbar Anti-Shia Twitter
shia Kafir Inactive but the ID and name inappropriate Twitter
kafir shia kafir Inactive but the ID and name inappropriate Twitter
Shia Kafir Exposed Facebook
Hadith of Najd حدیث نجد Anti-Wahabism page
Inactive since last year
Dr Tahir Canadi ڈاکٹر طاہر الکینیڈی Anti-Tahir ul Qadri page Facebook
Sunni Barelvi Qadri Se Inka Koi Talluq Nahi بریلوی سے اُنکاکوئی تعلق نھی Anti-Wahabi posts Facebook
Wrong Number رانگ نمبر 24 No Anti-Deoband posts Facebook
RaaheHaqq | راهِ حق Sectarian posts but comparatively not so radical Facebook
Allama Hafiz Khadim Husain Rizvi “official Openly calls for intolerance, violence and extremism. Speedily spreading intolerance. HIGHLY DANGEROUS PAGE Facebook
Hazoor ﷺ KI Tazeem Promoter of Khadim Hussain Rizvi Facebook
Xpose Shia Anti-Shia page Facebook
Zarb e Umar r.a Anti-Shia content Facebook
**WAHABI DEOBANDI SIRF NAME KE MUSALMAN** Anti-Wahabi, anti-Deobandi posts Facebook
شھید برحق ملک محمد اسحاق شھید رحمۃ اللہ علیہ Anti-Iran, anti-Shia and pro-ASWJ posts Facebook
Shaheed Jarnial Allama Isar ul Qasmi Shaheed.R.A Anti Sipah e Muhammad (PBUH), anti-Shia, anti-Iran, pro Sipah e Sahaba r.a Facebook
Shia Ibn E Mutah Anti-Shia, anti-Iran posts Facebook
Barelvi Razakhani Fitna Anti-Barelvi and pro-intolerance posts Facebook
Radde_Rafziyat Anti-Shia, anti-Iran posts Facebook
SHIAS ARE KAFIR…. Inaccessible posts of the group Facebook
Tahaffuz e Khatm e Nubuwwat – تحفطِ ختمِ نبوت Anti-Ahmadiyya and pro-intolerance posts Facebook
“~~Kalaam-E-Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan~~” Anti-tolerance and anti-Wahabism posts Facebook
Barelviyooooon Ki Wattttt !!! Anti-Barelvi posts, pro-sectarianism Facebook
Barelvi Murda Pujariyo ki Islah Spreading sectarian tensions in the name of abolishing them Facebook
Barelvi Bid’dati Pro-sectarianism posts Facebook
Barelvi Chutiyapa Unlimited Anti-Barelvi posts Facebook
انجمن دعوةاھل السنة والجماعةپاکستانِ Spreading sectarian tensions Facebook
Expose Relatively not very openly inflammatory but still pro-sectarian posts Facebook
قاطع شرک بدعت Anti-Barelvi posts Facebook
Rad e Shirk wa Bidah – رد شرک وبدعہ Relatively not-so-offensive but stillanti-Barelvi posts Facebook
Barelviat ki Haqeeqat Anti-Barelvi posts Facebook
فتنہ Expose Anti-Ahmadiyya posts Facebook
Xpose Shia Anti-Shia posts Facebook
Barelvi Bidati Mushrik Shiya Anti-Barelvi and anti-Shia posts Facebook
Anjuman Ahle Sunnat Waljamat-Bhiwandi انجمن اہل السنۃوالجماعۃ Anti-Ahmadiyya, anti-Ahl-e-Hadees and pro-sectarian posts Facebook
مزَارات شِرک کی فیکٹریاں Posts based on hatemongering and spreading intolerance Facebook
مزارات شرک کی فیکٹریاں Though inactive now, the page used to share pro-Daesh/ISIS posts. The page still exists however. Facebook
مزارات شرک کی فیکٹریاں Anti-Shia, anti-Iran and sectarian posts Facebook
Gustakh-e-Muhammad teri ab khir nahi hai Spreads sectarianism and intolerance Facebook
Sunni Zindabad Anti-Deobandi, anti-Wahabi posts Facebook
Deobandi-Wahabi Gumrah Hain [MASLAK-E-AALA HAZRAT HAQQ] Anti-Wahabi, anti-Deobandi posts Facebook
The Reality of Shia Rafidha Anti-Shia community page Facebook
Jago sunii jagoo Anti-Deoband, anti-Wahabi posts Facebook
وھابی دیوبندی – Jago Sunni Jago Anti-Deoband, anti-Wahabi posts Facebook
KALMA E HAQ Spreads intolerance and some anti-Deobandi posts Facebook
شیعہ اہلسنت دیو بند الحدیث ویابی مناظرہ Some openly sectarian posts Facebook
Takfir against Islam Anti-Wahabi, anti-Saudi Arab posts Facebook
سنی عقائد Facebook
Shia Busters Anti-Shia content Facebook
Alhaidri الحیدری نشریات Anti-Shia reporting on ME war Facebook
Ahmad Raza Ghausia Malang Anti-Deoband content
Promoter of Khadim Hussain Rizvi’s stance on agitation and intolerance
Deogandi Deogandi Anti-Deobandi content Facebook
Ahle Sunnat Waljimat Hanfi Deobandi A few anti-Shia posts, pro-LeJ Facebook
Deogandi wahabde ahle hagu eblish ki nasal hain Posts inaccessible but inflammatory name of the group Facebook
Shia Kafir Shia Kafir Inactive and no recent posts but inflammatory name Facebook
Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir Inactive but inappropriate name Facebook
KYA SHIA KAFIR HY Spreading sectarianism Facebook
Wahabism Dance Club Anti-Wahabism page Facebook
wahabi deobandiyo ki bajate raho din raat Anti-Wahabi, anti-Deobandi Facebook
Reality Of Shirk شرک کی حقیقت Anti-Wahabi, anti-Deoband page Facebook
Fitnah e Angrez فتنه انگیز Anti-Wahabi, anti-Deoband page Facebook
Firqa e Ahle Hadees Wahabi Ghair Muqallid فرقہ اہل حدیث وہابی غیر مقلد Anti-Wahabi, anti-Deoband page Facebook
Wahabiyat ki Asal Anti-Wahabi page Facebook
Barelvi Razakhani- Mazhab spreading sectarianism by widely offending Barelvis/ last update 2 years ago Facebook
Anti Barelvi Operation offensive and sectarianism spreading name Facebook
Anti Barelvi Last update 3 years ago// Anti-Barelvi name as well as few posts trying to instigate Anti-Shia sentiment Facebook
Shia kala kafir Active page proliferating hate against Shias through pictures,posts and videos Facebook
Anti Shia-Majos Hateful, and anti-shia name Facebook
Name Notes Social Media
Katar Deobandi Mujahid Anti-Barelvi posts. Inactive nowadays Facebook
Wahabi Deobandi Cartoons Anti-Wahabi, anti-Deoband posts Facebook
Sibtain Raza A few posts on sectarian issues(expand it) Facebook
Abdul Jamil Anti-Shia posts Facebook
M FarrukhRehman Some pro-SSP and pro-intolerance posts Facebook
Ali Raza Shah Anti-Barelvi posts Facebook
QariRab Nawaz Hanfi Posts of sectarian nature Facebook
Najdiun Ka Parda Fash Anti-Deoband, anti-Wahabi posts Facebook
Deogandi Hunter Anti-Deobandi, anti-Wahabi content Facebook
Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir Posts inaccessible but inappropriate profile name Facebook
Kafar Lodhyanvi Anti-Deoband, especially Sipah-e-Sahaba, content Facebook
Naveed Khan Not all but a few occasional posts are anti-Wahabi and anti-Deobandi Facebook
Wahabi Ki Haqiqat Anti-Wahabi posts. Inactive since 2014. Facebook
Shia Kafir Posts inaccessible but a potential hatemonger Facebook
Marvisirmed bitch Occasional anti-Shia posts Twitter
جیش والے Profile Facebook
Name Notes Social Media
میرے مجاہد مجھے یقیں ہے تیرا نشانہ اٹل رہے گا۔ جیش والے Facebook
جہاد کا بھولا ہوا سبق جیش والے Facebook
‏ہم_قرآن_پڑھنے_والے_ہیں‬ جیش والے Facebook
حیی نجاہد اخی جیش والے Facebook
مجاہد مرکز النور Facebook
مجاہد مرکز النور Facebook
Official Websites of Organizations Banned in Pakistan
Website Link Notes
Al Qalam The website contains content that glorifies war and violence. It is being run by members of the Jaish-e-Muhammad banned organization.