CVE Initiatives in Middle East and North Africa

  1. Global Initiatives

The Trans Sahara Counter Terrorism Partnership (TSCTP) is a capacity building program to support the local communities and civil societies in developing and implanting different strategies to counter violent extremism in Sahel and Maghreb. It was approved in January 2005 at the Deputies Committee. It is a multilayer program that has the ability to marshal inter agency resources in the Sahel and Maghreb region to counter the violent extremist activities and to support a tridimensional regional security approach; Diplomacy, Defense, and Development.

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  1. Government Initiatives and Violent Extremism

For the purpose of tackling extremism and radicalization Saudi Arabia has introduced its “PRAC” strategy which stands for Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Aftercare. It outlines the ways to combat extremist ideas and goals and challenges for authorities to tackle the ideologies.

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