WORDE is a peacebuilding initiative by civil society in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The specialists and trained social scientists have travelled to 35 cities, towns, and villages in the 15 provinces of Afghanistan conducting interviews with tribal leaders, local religious leaders, and civil society activists. The WORDE reports identify and highlight best practices in the region for countering violent extremism for the policymakers and international community in order to align their efforts for CVE, accordingly. In addition to conducting research, WORDE provides trainings to local community leaders for their peacebuilding efforts and make the process more indigenous.

“Afghanistan 2014 and Beyond: The Role of Civil Society in Peacebuilding and Countering Violent Extremism”

WORDE has also published a directory, “From Community Building to Countering Extremism: A Guide to Afghanistan’s Civil Society,” exclusively for stakeholders, which includes close to 100 civil society groups – from human rights organizations to madrasa networks –with detailed entries on their capacity and geographic scope.