Operating since 1987, BAAG aims to contribute to an environment where Afghans can take control of their own development and bring about a just and peaceful society. BAAG began work for humanitarian aid in Afghanistan during the plight of war.

BAAG’s work on the peace building agenda has included conferences, round tables and position papers.  We connect to leading and innovative peace building professionals and organisations, both in Afghanistan and internationally. During our five-day Dublin Peace building Workshop in 2012, civil society representatives identified a set of core principles for a peace strategy in Afghanistan, and BAAG continue to explore opportunities.

Specifically peace-focused programmes are generally delivered by Afghan civil society organisations, rather than international NGOs.  However, a number of BAAG member organisations advocate for the inclusion of women in the peace process.

BAAG has a strong relationship with the British and Irish governments, leading think tanks and academic institutes to facilitate debate and research.