Abu Dhabi, UAE


Hedayah was established to serve as the premier international institution for dialogue and communications, capacity building programs and research and analysis to counter violent extremism in all of its forms and manifestations, in support of long-term, global efforts to prevent and counter terrorism.


  • To be the premier global institution for expertise and experience in countering violent extremism in all its forms;
  • To reduce the number of terrorist group supporters through non-coercive means;
  • To serve as a resource for governments and civil society;
  • To create a global network of CVE experts and practitioners.

Focus on:

The Center’s mandate focuses on three core areas:

1) Dialogue and Communications: Providing a dedicated platform to facilitate focused discussion and collaboration among national and local actors, civil society, researchers and community leaders involved in CVE;

2) Training and Capacity Building: Providing training and practical tools to enhance the capacities of government and non-government stakeholders to design and implement effective programs and policies to counter violent extremism;

3) Research and Analysis: Cataloguing existing CVE research as well as conducting and commissioning new research to gain a deeper understanding of the drivers of violent extremism, and which approaches are effective in countering it.